About Leah

Leah Robinson, Melbourne Family Photographer

With an astute eye for detail, and an obsession with fabulous light, award winning Melbourne Family Photographer, Leah Robinson creates emotive portraits of your family full of love, laughter and joy that captures the connection and very essence of your relationship.

Known for her use of stunning natural light and creative incorporation of nature in her shoots, her beautifully rich, elegant, and timeless imagery is instantly recognisable worldwide.

Leah takes the fleeting, seemingly mundane moments, and captures them as the pure meaningful, epic memories that they are. The way your child smiles at you. The way your partner kisses you. The way your baby's nose crinkles when he smiles. These are the things you want to remember, and these are the moments Leah captures in an effortless, artistic way.

Each photoshoot Leah does is a work of love, and every image she presents is artistically and perfectly polished, to create works of art for your walls, for generations to enjoy.

Her passion for family photography and ability to capture those incredible connections of pure love has seen her become one of Australia's premier, most sought after family photographers. 

If you are wanting to capture that perfect moment in time through outdoor family photography, get in touch with Leah today.

Featured on Clickin Moms | Named in the top 10 best child photographers in the world by topteny | Evoking You | I love photos | StarWeekly | Guest Speaker at The Baby Summit 2017.