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Leah cannot wait to connect with you and your family! Please send an email and Leah will contact you at her earliest convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where will the session take place?

Leah has several locations in the Western Suburbs she likes to use, however is more than happy to be guided by you if there is a place that holds a special place in your family's heart. Whether your family are water babes or bush lovers, Leah is happy to guide you in the location right for your family photo shoot.

What if the weather is awful?

Lets face it, while Melbourne might be the best city in the world and we love it to bits, sometimes the weather can be....unpredictable, to say the least. If the weather is not playing nice for your session date, Leah is more than happy to reschedule for a mutually agreeable time.

Please note that as Leah takes limited sessions per month, sometimes this date may be up to 4 weeks out.

What should we wear?

You've made your investment, and are so close to having stunning artwork featuring your family to adorn your walls. But what should you all wear? No need to stress, as Leah will hold your hand through the process, providing feedback on outfit choices, as well as suggestions to ensure your family images are timeless, stunning, cohesive and YOU.